Energy consultant and leading expert on the geopolitics of oil, energy, security and risk and an influential thought leader on global energy policy and sustainability

Energy Consultant on Global Energy Policy and the Geopolitics of Oil - Amy Myers Jaffe

21 February

The Geopolitics of Natural Gas

"Because of these geopolitical barriers we see ... one of the key variables in whether geography gets exercised or not is going to be the position of the United States on these issues. And I think in Washington, there's really not enough understanding of that. There's too much focus of what some particular captive interest feels about the potential, and not enough under- standing of the fact that as Americans, we need to think about our own national security."

30 January

U.S. Senate Testimony
Opportunities and Challenges of the U.S. Crude Oil Export Ban

"The United States has for many decades been the leading nation in championing open markets and free trade in energy. Open trade and investment in energy is important to U.S. vital interests for many reasons. First and foremost, artificial restrictions on energy flows can be a source of international conflict and, in fact, has been a factor contributing to armed conflict in modern history."

16 October

The End of OPEC

"On the 40th anniversary of the 1973 Arab oil embargo, the United States has a historic opportunity to lead a counterrevolution against the energy world created by OPEC as innovation in the U.S. energy industry looks poised to end the decades-long, precarious "dependence on foreign oil." Washington should seize the opportunity and push to democratize energy globally, just as its Silicon Valley giants have democratized information."

12 June

Oil Demand, Supply, and Medium-Term Price Prospects: A Wavelet-Analysis Approach

"In case of significant war, for example, escalation of current Middle East sectarian conflicts in Syria and Bahrain into overt war between Saudi Arabia and Iran, oil prices might skyrocket above all historical levels. Current prices are only sustainable under the scenario of continued inflationary policies by central bankers and the unrealized but everpresent threat of such war."